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When the term “NY State of Mind” is mentioned, these 3 attributes arise:

The daily hustle

Concrete defense from the bullshit and subsequently

The classical title tracks from NY musical legends Billy Joel and Nas.


Luckily for Hector Vasquez(better known as Hood Chef to the adoring public), he knows how to respectively carry on tradition through embarking on a vision and going forth with its destiny.

Back around 2009, the Brooklyn native was in his humble abode watching movies and engaging in 420 activities with his friend (as well as future teammate)Ricky Bobby. Once the movie ended, Hector decided that he wanted to create a crew of unique individuals that have a creative spark within them in order for the world to embrace (similar to Professor X’s X-Men or Rza’s Wu Tang Clan).

Nonetheless, Hector, or should I say Hood Chef, created the group title “4 Fun” as not only an ode to the 4 elements of hip hop, but more as the 4 Fundamentals within the group, which later became a family of creative siblings all under one roof.

Within the 1st 3 months of creating 4Fun, Hood Chef later relocated into an apartment (within his homegrounds of Brooklyn) and formatted a home-base in which all creativeness took place: The FunHouse.

The founding members consisted of the holy trinity of Chef, Brooklyn T and O Da Butcher. In order to make the Funhouse a creative getaway, Chef enlisted the talents of his good friend (graffhead turned tattoo artist), Badder Israel.

Badder contributed some murals to the Funhouse as well as capturing visual content of upcoming members “executing their abilities” (think of X-Men training in the DANGER ROOM). As time passed, more members started to fall in position at the Funhouse by contributing their own trademark talents to this culturally rich, NYC grit theme dynasty of concrete jungle visionaries.

A year later, those visionaries became the 1st generation of 4FuN members. These 1st wave of stalwarts slowly transcended from a group of like minded individuals to an uncanny brotherhood that displayed their positive energy through feeding the culture creatively through their art of R&G (Rhymes and Graffiti). 

While the members would handle the masses for “The Scene” (cool trendy crowd of all of NYC) Hood Chef, on the other hand, distributed that good food to the public in the form of free barbecues and food drives for all occasions, ranging from house parties to the homeless. As time passed, the 4FuN wave got stronger and stronger by flooding the streets, clubs, venues and other public outlets by not only being the missing link to creativity but showing the world that whatever god given talent that anybody has within them they should always do it: 4 FUN.

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