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G.E.D is a New York City based music collective. The constant need to create, refine and express their musical inspirations led them to co-op their individual talents in order to create something bigger than themselves. The high energy and genre leaping G.E.D. is made up of vocalists. MCs, composers, producers and engineers. From Dance and Hip Hop traditional Salsa, each have had musical successes in their own right - from reaching the top of the Billboard charts to receiving a grant from Bronx Council of the Arts - and have something unique to contribute. Not unlike the high-school equivalent degree, G.E.D. approaches success from a non-traditional angle. Rejecting the the industry push to create stand-alone singles, G.E.D is committed to the true aim of music; to evoke emotion and transport the listener to another palce and time. "Our music is the sensation you feel on your taste buds when fluffy cotton candy becomes liquid in your mouth - substantial but changing form," smiles chica, G.E.D's front woman and vocalist. 

Nevertheless, finicky commercial radio embraced the debut project from G.E.D. "Don't Call It Pop" (Championship Multimedia), the first song from their debut album We Don't Sleep, hit the airwaves on Chicago's 103.5 Kiss FM, Denver's Hot 107.1, Honolulu's 102.7 Da Bomb and Mobile, Alabama's 93 BLX. "We really put a lot into the music video for 'Don't Call It Pop' because it carries such a message about who we are and the music we want to make," says Izreal Medina. "We paid a lot of attention to not only the production value of the video but the story line. It's meant to say something about the music industry, orexperiences as artists to this point and to poke a little fun at it all, but still deliver something compelling to viewers."G.E.D. members include: two brothers from the Billboard Top Ten Hip Hop Group T-Weaponz, Ark and Izreal Medina, of which the latter composed and performed for the Billboard Top Five Dance group Maniacalm; and Chica, who’s last project was produced with a grant from the Bronx Council of the Arts.

Through their debut G.E.D. has taken the stage at New York’s BB King’s for Hip-Hop legend's DJ Kook Herc and Melle Mel’s birthday, at Water Street Music Hall and Clarissa's Room in Rochester, NY; Bill's Bar in Boston, Output Lounge in Chicago, a market supporting the group on the radio, as well as shows currently in the works for San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta. G.E.D. will follow up their debut album We Don't Sleep with their upcoming sophomore project Quentin Tarantino.