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Under the tutelage of Kwabena Antoine Nixon, an elite among the spoken word community in the Midwest, Milwaukee upstart, BLAX, always had a passion for spoken word. Over time, after finding his place in Hip hop, BLAX utilized rap to establish himself as an artist. The transition was seamless. In the early 2000s, he began to pave his own lane and established himself as one of the Midwest’s rising artists. He released his debut in 2005, and remained consistent for the next five years. In 2010, BLAX made the big move to NYC where he landed an internship with Dame Dash at his former DD172 gallery/studio. 

BLAX worked closely with Dame, producer Ski Beatz, and the Jet Life family - mostly working behind the scenes. In 2011, after establishing himself in the Big Apple, BLAX released his first project on the East Coast - a double mixtape - that garnered nationwide appeal. Tastemakers from sites such as DJBooth and Allindstrom gave their nod of approval, while AllHipHop added BLAX (real name Adebisi) on their “Top 25 Underground Artists” list from 2011-13. Being on that list helped BLAX get booked on various shows including SXSW in 2012. He was also a guest on The Company Man's radio show in Brooklyn before TCM became editor of HipHopDX. A lot of things started to unfold as opportunities went for BLAX. 

After awhile, however, BLAX took some time off to refine his craft and experiment with his sound. Today, he presents new music that highlights his growth as an artist.